Good news and bad news!


Aren’t these adorable? Too bad the frosting had gluten. 😦 BOO!

So let’s start with the bad news: I made GF cupcakes (Aldi GF cake mix) for my son’s 7th birthday last week and had NO idea that the store-bought frosting had wheat! UGH! Normally I make buttercream frosting from scratch, but he wanted chocolate frosting, so I cheat a bit by buying chocolate frosting in a can and then adding some Crisco, meringue powder and powdered sugar to increase the volume. Tastes great and chocolaty. … but I learned my lesson: ALWAYS CHECK THE LABEL! 😦

GOOD NEWS! Cherrios is GLUTEN-FREE!!!!!!!! And not just the regular flavor — the Apples & Cinnamon, the Frosted, the Honey-Nut and the Multi-grain — are ALL gluten-free!!!  Let’s give a shout-out to General Mills for improving their products for the health of everyone and especially those of us who are gluten-sensitive/intolerant or Celiac!


YEAH for CHERRIOS! They are now GLUTEN-FREE!!!