Lasagna Roll-Ups


Gluten-Free Lasagna Roll-Ups

We love lasagna at our house, but truth be told, I don’t make it very often because it’s so labor-intensive. But sometimes, it’s just worth the effort! I decided to try lasagna a little differently; I was hoping it wouldn’t be as laborious, but it is. However, I am thrilled with the results, and so is my family! So every once in a while, when you have a little more time to devote to dinner, this is fabulous. And get the family involved — kids can sprinkle the cheese on and help roll up the noodles — and many hands make the process quicker . . . usually.

What you need:

1 1/2 pounds ground beef, venison or turkey

1 1/2 jars GF spaghetti sauce

Gluten-free lasagna noodles

Regular lasagna noodles

1 large tub cottage cheese

3/4 cup Parmesan cheese

1 tablespoon parsley

1 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon basil

1 2-cup bad shredded mozzarella cheese


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Now remember, I’m feeding 3 gluten-free people and 3 non-gluten-free people, so I boiled GF lasagna noodles first, then patted them dry carefully and laid them on a cutting board.  (Don’t over cook noodles — cook until almost done — they will cook more in the oven.)  (While I was putting together the GF Lasagna Roll-Ups, I boiled the regular noodles.)  Boil as many noodles as you think you’ll need (I made 3 each for my husband and teenage boys, 2 for me and 1 for each of my younger kids. Then I made 1 or 2 extra in case someone wanted more or for lunch leftovers!)  Brown the meat while the noodles are boiling; drain then add 1 jar spaghetti sauce & heat through.


Mix Parmesan cheese & spices in separate bowl.


On each noodle, spread about 3 tablespoons meat/sauce mixture followed by 2 tablespoons cottage cheese (spread it out), sprinkled with 1 teaspoon Parmesan cheese mixture and finally some mozzarella cheese. Carefully roll up and place in prepared pan (sprayed with cooking spray). If you’re doing both GF and regular noodles, 2 separate pans is important (each 8×8 or 9×9 casserole dishes — or 2 9×13 pans would work too).

P1010871    P1010872

Spread 1/4 jar spaghetti sauce on top and some mozzarella cheese.


Follow same procedure with the regular noodles.

Bake at 350 degrees until heated through (about 25-30 minutes) and cheese is melted.


I think the trickiest thing about this recipe is gauging how to spread out the ingredients evenly between the GF and regular dishes — but if you just try to keep it half and half, it works out fine. ENJOY!



My article . . .

Hello, everyone – this is a very different post than I normally do, but I thought I would share an article that I wrote that was published recently. Feel free to pass it along to anyone that it could help.

Incidentally, research has shown that a gluten allergy/intolerance/celiac disease MAY contribute to miscarriages . . . . wish I had known that sooner.



Sausage Egg Muffin Cups

These are yummy and CUTE! And they are fun to eat too! I love that they are super easy to make and quick too.


Sausage Egg Muffin Cups

What you need to make Sausage Egg Muffin Cups:

1 dozen large eggs

1 thawed GF sausage roll

1/2 cup milk or milk substitute

pepper to taste

shredded cheese


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Whisk eggs, pepper and milk in large bowl.  Fry sausage in large skillet; drain well.

P1010838 P1010839

Carefully spoon egg mixture into muffin cups filling about halfway.  Then spoon a tablespoon or 2 sausage into each cup. (This recipe gave me 18 muffin cups.)


Top each cup with cheese.  Bake for about 15 minutes or until egg is set & cooked all the way through.


Top with additional cheese if desired.


Serve with gluten-free toast & fresh fruit.



If you have leftovers, keep them in the fridge and warm up for a snack or quick lunch.

Chicken Bacon Bleu

I’m starting this post off with an AFTER photo — the sign of a successful dinner:


The sign of a successful dinner

So I named this Chicken Bacon Bleu because it’s like a Chicken Cordon Bleu, but I used bacon instead of ham.  And it turned out super YUMMY!  Here’s what you’ll need:

6-8 thawed chicken breasts

6-8 strips fried bacon (just cooked, not crispy)

1/2 cup gluten-free bread crumbs

1 tablespoon parsley

1 tablespoon oregano

1-2 eggs, beaten

Salt & pepper

Sliced provolone cheese (or mozzarella)

1 tablespoon Parmesan cheese


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Toast bread crumbs carefully if they are not dry (I keep mine in the freezer, so I toast them before I use them).



Fry bacon.

P1010906     P1010908

Pat chicken breasts dry, then place in a sealed plastic bag so you can flatten them (to make it easier to roll them up).


Place dry, flattened chicken breasts on cutting board or tray.  Sprinkle with salt & pepper.


Place a piece of cheese and a piece of bacon on each breast.  (I used about half piece of cheese and half piece of bacon.)


Combine bread crumbs, parsley and oregano in separate bowl.


Carefully roll each chicken breast around cheese and bacon. Then coat in egg and roll in bread crumbs.  Place seam-side down in 8×8 casserole dish (sprayed in cooking spray).  Sprinkle extra bread crumbs and Parmesean cheese on top.


Cover with foil and bake for 35-45 minutes (or until chicken is no longer pink in the middle).


Serve with mashed potatoes & salad.  GLUTEN-FREE GOODNESS!  The chicken turned out SO moist — I was very happy with how this turned out since it was my own invention and first time I made this!


Call me crazy . . .


Call me crazy . . . I like rice cakes.  I do!  And they are a quick gluten-free snack that is easy to make.


Have you seen this?  Planters has a peanut butter that is GLUTEN-FREE with CHOCOLATE and died CHERRIES!  YUM-O!  You gotta try this — it’s so yummy on top of a rice cake!  It’s a real treat that is actually pretty healthy too (the peanut butter is pretty low in sugar/carbs).  If I don’t have this on hand, then I usually put peanut butter on a rice cake and top with about a dozen raisins.


Let’s hear it for RICE CAKES!!!